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What ADL Assistance Does to Senior Citizens


One advantage of using home care services is that it benefits the family as well as the elder. Elderly care’s major goal is to give elderly people the help they need with daily tasks in personalized care and to give them company while they’re confined to their homes.

Every older senior needs to engage in the following daily tasks, and here are some ways that ADL assistance can help:

  • Brushing one’s teeth and bathing

    They will receive assistance in correctly bathing their faces and bodies, and caregivers will also watch out for the cleanliness and well-being of their mouths, gums, and teeth.

  • Using the restroom

    They can also be prone to falling, much like when bathing, making this by far one of the most challenging and risky activities for them. They will therefore be helped to properly clean themselves in the bathroom.

  • Movement, eating, and transportation

    All of these are vital, therefore they require assistance with food preparation and, if needed, with moving safely within the house or to various locations.

  • Dressing

    Older people occasionally struggle with what to dress and how to wear it. As a result, kids will receive help getting dressed and grooming.

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