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A Safe and Healthy Home Conducive for Seniors


Seniors who live alone are prone to health risks. This can easily affect how they live their day-to-day life, especially if they have a health condition or mobility issue that keeps them from maintaining their independence. As such, we at SERAY HOMECARE LLC would like to share our ADL assistance services to help seniors age happily at home.

Aging can limit the body from being as strong and healthy as it once was. Thus, seniors who live alone may be prone to an unkempt home or poor diet. Since they don’t have the flexibility and mobility they once had, dust and debris can accumulate, which can lead to falls and fall injuries.

Thus, we offer our home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to help seniors stay on top of their health. Here’s what we can do:

  • Provide delicious and nutritious meals

    Hunger and poor diet can lead to severe health risks, such as malnutrition, weakness, and being dizzy all time. Our personalized care can help with meal preparation and grocery shopping to ensure that your senior enjoys home-cooked meals every day.

  • Fall-proof the home

    With our light housekeeping services, we can help seniors fall-proof their homes and maintain their cleanliness. Our caregivers can also assess the safety of the home. We look for problem areas, such as dim lights, loose flooring, slippery tiles, and an absence of grab bars and handrails that can support your senior.

  • Supervise their exercise and physical activity

    Exercise is the key to keeping our bodies strong and preventing falls. Our home care services in Pennsylvania can oversee our client’s exercise routine, which should be approved by their doctor.

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