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The Holistic Support a Companion Provides


When the streets outside were eerily quiet because of the COVID-19 lockdown, some of us suffered internally from mental health issues. Albeit keeping us safe from the virus, it did not spare us from mental problems – depression, anxiety, etc. Imagine the mental toll it gives to individuals vulnerable to being alone – social isolation is detrimental to one’s health. Thus, companionship is vital for individuals who suffer from health conditions, aging issues, disabilities, or injuries through home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Mental Support

    Like our experience with COVID-19, conversing with friends online has kept us sane. Companionship helps seniors engage in conversations and activities that keep their minds active, which promotes improving their mental health.

  • Socio-Emotional Support

    When everyone in the household is busy with school and work, a companion works the magic. They listen to the stories of your loved ones, give them personalized care, walk them around the neighborhood, and motivate them to keep going. They are more than a companion; they are a friend.

  • Physical Support

    A companion provides ADL assistance, prepares meals, performs housekeeping tasks, and more. These home care services ensure that your loved ones enjoy quality living despite their condition. Companions aspire to independence and take safety as a priority.

Ready to provide companionship for your loved ones? Contact SERAY HOMECARE LLC, a provider of home care services in Pennsylvania. We have well-rounded companions excited to provide holistic support for your loved ones in need. Reach out.

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