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Behaviors That Increase Risk for High Blood Pressure


Having high blood pressure is very dangerous for our health. It contributes much to us having heart disease or stroke, which are the top causes of death in the U.S. and the world. Following an unhealthy lifestyle raises our risk for high blood pressure. To minimize our risk, our physicians and other healthcare professionals, such as those providing home care services in Pennsylvania, may suggest changes to our lifestyles. Fortunately, it’s possible to lessen our risk for high blood pressure via healthy behaviors. Read on to know some of the things we need to avoid to minimize our risk for high blood pressure.

  • Lack of Exercise

    Doing routine exercises or getting enough physical activities helps keep our heart and blood vessels stay in a strong and healthy shape, which can aid in lowering our blood pressure. We can also maintain a healthy weight if we do regular exercise or physical activities, which can help in lowering our blood pressure as well. Our caregivers, such as those who provide personalized care may assist or provide us with some advice on doing suitable exercises and other physical activities.

  • Unhealthy Eating

    When we eat a diet containing too much sodium and too little potassium, it’s considered unhealthy and put us at risk of having high blood pressure. Most of the sodium we consume is from restaurants and processed foods we eat. Also, if our intake of potassium, a mineral required by our body to function properly is not enough, it will increase our blood pressure. Foods rich in potassium are beans, bananas, potatoes, and yogurt. We may ask our caregivers for advice about eating healthily, especially about diets that can reduce blood pressure.

  • Drinking Too Much Alcohol

    Consuming too much alcohol can increase our blood pressure. Healthcare professionals like those offering in-home care recommend that women shouldn’t consume over one drink in a day while men should limit their alcohol intake to not over two drinks in a day.

  • Smoking

    Smoking raises our risk of having high blood pressure. It can damage our hearts and blood vessels. When we smoke, the nicotine that enters our bodies increases our blood pressure. Also, we breathe in carbon monoxide, which is produced when we smoke, which results in the lesser amount of oxygen that our blood can carry.

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